A new church and community facilities for

Heswall Parish

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We are very excited to be entering the next phase of our Parish Building Project and to be able to share with you our vision and plans for The Lighthouse Church. 

We invite you to be part of this vision by praying for it and committing yourself to give your time, energy and money to enable our plans to come to fruition.


flexible spaces to be used interchangeably

for a variety of church and community purposes

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A brief history

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It all started when…

The Church of the Good Shepherd and Parish Hall, part of the Parish of Heswall, lie between Telegraph Road and Pye Road. When the current St. Peter’s Church was built in the lower village of Heswall in 1876, the Parish had a vision to reach out to the emerging town centre on Telegraph Road.

To provide for the growing needs of church and community, a small mission room was built in 1891, followed by the current Parish Hall in 1926. The present Church of the Good Shepherd replaced the mission room in 1963.

Over the intervening years significant problems have arisen with both buildings so that they neither meet the present needs of the Parish nor our vision for the Church of the future. Our Parish Council has concluded that the most cost-effective solution, addressing the physical inadequacies and meeting our vision for the Parish, is to begin afresh with a new building.

Conceived in partnership with Liverpool-based architects shedkm, our design for The Lighthouse Church has developed through extensive consultation with the Parish, Diocese of Chester, planning officers and Heswall community groups. Our proposal celebrates the vision of our Christian forebears but also looks forward with hope; embracing both the challenges and opportunities facing the Christian Church today.

Looking to the future, the parish listened carefully to many voices but especially to those of its children and young people. From those conversations, ‘The Lighthouse Church’ is our chosen name for the new building, reflecting a youthful and optimistic vision for Christ’s Church in the years to come. 


The need for change

The present church and parish hall are no longer fit for purpose; their poor condition and structural problems make replacement a necessity. A new building provides a wonderful opportunity for a renewed Christian presence and sense of community in the heart of Heswall.

Shining with the light and love of Christ, The Lighthouse Church will be much more than a place of worship. It will offer welcoming spaces for everyone where community life can flourish: the building alive with established and new activities. 

This is an ambitious and challenging project, especially in the current economic climate. But we know that during the last three years of detailed planning and consultation we have seen God’s hand guiding and providing for us. We are confident that the Lord who has brought us thus far will help us to carry this project through to completion. 

Please join us in praying and giving so that The Lighthouse Church can be built to shine to God’s glory for this and future generations in Heswall. 


Opportunities for the future

The new building will enable us to further develop our Parish’s extensive youth work and offer space for a wider range of activities for children, families, and people of all ages - whatever their individual needs.

• Prayer, church services + alpha courses

• Counselling + parenting / marriage / finance courses etc.

• After school activities, clubs, societies + volunteering

• Coffee mornings + social events

• Fitness, sports + well being

• Concerts, performances + parties

• Toddler groups, children, youth work + activities for elders

• Meetings + conferences

• Charity events

• Farmers’ market

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Please donate to support our cause

We estimate the cost of building The Lighthouse Church will be around £1.8 million.  

We have now gained planning permission and are over half way to reaching our ambitious goal.  

We greatly appreciate all support with this exciting project and invite you to contribute to the project here.


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